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Press is very positive about unu™ announcement

Wow, that was a positive response we got at CES in Las Vegas!

By now, we have recovered from our jet lag and reviewed what happened at CES 2013. It has been an exciting week in Las Vegas where everything we did revolved around our newly announced core product for 2013: unu™.

unu™ at CES 2013

unu™, which was first conceived unter the project name "snakebyte eins", was announced to the public under its new and final designation at CES.

The multi-purpose device is a Tablet, Gaming Console and Smart TV - all in one device. Our video trailer gives you an idea of what to expect from our new core product.

The press loves unu™

The press regarded the announcement of unu™ with very positive reactions and seems to be as excited as we are:

Amir of the German Android magazine Android Next sums up the concept behind unu™ in his video post and is pleased that „developments in gaming are going so well“ and „that manufacturers always come up with innovative ideas like that".

You're welcome, Amir! :)

His conclusion from the video (in German): „unu™: Potential Game-Changer!

2013 will be exciting for Android gamers

Android Next's overall conclusion of CES forecasts a great year for android gamers:

„Android Gaming will take another step forward in 2013.", the presenters agree. And, of course, unu™ is mentioned as one of the interesting products presented at CES 2013. (from minute 1:47, in German).

Press coverage of unu™

Numerous Android- und Gaming websites cover the topic as well.

If you can't get enough information about the smart device, here's a (possibly incomplete) list of media coverage regarding unu™:

We are very happy to be part of the exciting development in the Android gaming market and look forward to the next year with you!

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